• To date as a high level escort you don’t necessarily have to be experienced, you can start and learn as long as you meet certain characteristics and are fully willing.
  • It is not necessary to publish your photos in any media so that you can be managed as an escort, as we also have other more private and confidential ways of managing appointments with our client portfolio, although if it is true that those who can afford it and wish to publish their profile on the web, either by showing their face or hiding it, usually have a greater number of appointments.

  • We ensure several weekly appointments although it is not relevant for us the volume of the meetings or events and if the quality of these.

  • Each girl decides her own hourly rates for her escort services freely. The agency does not have established rates we adapt to the range of rates determined by the different escorts, as the rates are defined by each lady individually.

  • The income that is obtained as an escort is usually important, but is included in a wide range of values so it is imprecise to give exact figures as these variables in the income are very associated with the level and capabilities of each escort.

  • We currently manage appointments for high profile escorts in all cities in Spain, simply contact us and tell us which city you would like your appointments to be managed in.

  • Selection of high level escorts between the ages of 18 and 40.

Profile Required

The most important thing to collaborate as an escort with the Xarenis agency is to have it clear and decided before entering the casting for escorts, once this is clarified we do not consider “being an escort” as a goal but as a means, or call it an opportunity, on the one hand to obtain some extra income and on the other hand to know and discover exclusive places for a few chosen ones. So it is one more way to get mainly an extra impulse for your present and future projects. 

Regarding the image or attractiveness is one of the requirements but not the most important since what is fundamentally necessary to be a high level escort is a balance between several factors: cultural level, personality, character … 

Why choose to collaborate with the luxury escort agency Xarenis ?

On the one hand because of our experience we will facilitate you the initial moments that usually are the most complex ones and on the other hand because in our team you will always find companions ready to help you and as not above all to adapt to your demands, you will be a free and independent escort of high level that collaborates with our agency and therefore you are who decides your rates… everything.

A parallel path

Our role is to advise you, accompany you, protect you and guide you on this new journey parallel to your life.