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Luxury Escorts in Gran Canaria

In our high standing escort agency you will find the most exclusive selection of escorts.


Luxury Escorts in Gran Canaria

Have you been in search of new sensations, wanting to take a break from the everyday, to find new experiences that make you feel the power of pleasure again? We welcome you to Xarenis Luxury Escorts Agency, the ideal company for today’s gentleman, men who know what they want and are not afraid to go in search of it. A reliable agency, discreet and committed to our prestigious clients. In Xarenis we pursue pleasure in all its areas, in all its possibilities. Because we know that today’s man is looking for fun beyond the conventional. Traditional meetings are not enough, that is why our beautiful ladies adapt to any desire you have and want to satiate. We have escorts who adapt to the moment, committing themselves to the satisfaction of their clients’ requirements.

Enjoy the beautiful island of Gran Canaria and its wonderful spaces and places with such particular attraction. Spend a wonderful holiday or an incredible moment of relaxation next to a magnificent and spectacular lady, ready to delight you with her charming feminine gifts. Unforgettable moments are composed of three main elements:

The desire to have a good time.

A pleasant atmosphere.

And unparalleled company.

At Xarenis Luxury Escorts Agency, we can offer you the only element that does not depend on you, because the desire is always present in a man who knows what he wants; and the atmosphere depends on his knowledge about the destination he wants. Therefore, our company is in charge of providing you with the third leg of the tripod of pleasure achievement. Thus achieving that the Trinity of your memorable experience is complete. We will take care of your comfort, you just have to relax and let yourself be carried away by the charms of the perfect woman for your enjoyment.

What makes Xarenis the best escort agency on the island of Gran Canaria?

You will think that it is very simple to talk about the attributes of a company without first having shown whether it can really meet your expectations. For this reason, we invite you to see inside our web page, the profiles of each one of the ladies that you could count on. Don’t you find tempting the idea of a tall woman with a white complexion and black hair, with the ability to give you an unimaginable pleasure during a moment in which she will use her hands to turn on your skin? Before making a decision, take the time to make a mental list of your desires and then review the profiles of each of the girls so you can corroborate that your desires can be satisfied by one of them; our escorts possess a wide spectrum of skills and attributes. So wide that in just one you could find more than what you are looking for. And if that is not the case, you could indulge in two or more of these beautiful girls. Always ready to meet your needs. Don’t leave the delight of your feelings to chance, go to the professionals of pleasure.

The art of sensuality

Women have always known how to get our attention, it’s something innate in them. And we have always succumbed to their charms, sometimes deliberately, sometimes not so much. We find ourselves in situations where we don’t even know where we’re going, because we’re bewitched by one of these goddesses who know how to stimulate our senses. Seduction, sensuality and eroticism is an art, one in which the ladies of Xarenis do their best. With just one look, with just one caress, you will fall at their feet, giving yourself completely to enjoyment and letting the animal instinct take over your being. The girls of Xarenis of so immeasurable beauty, are experts in the game of eroticism, you will be perplexed after a night of passion with one or more of them, being in turn at the mercy of the desire to experience these feelings again.

Gran Canaria, paradise on earth.

Those who have visited this beautiful island know very well its visual appeal and the quality with which it is received and treated throughout your stay. We always invite people who have not had the possibility to make a trip to this charming Spanish island, with an immense tourist attraction. Everyone talks about its beaches, the boat trips to its islets, the spectacular sunsets on the shores of Roque del Oeste.

Certainly Gran Canaria is a place that any traveller with a desire to connect with nature and enjoy the immense pleasures of life has to visit. Once you are on this island, you will want a companion who is faithful to your wishes and willing to enjoy your stay as much as you do. That she always accompanies you with a smile, that she wants to infect you in turn; because that is the objective of our company, that you, gentleman of great expectations, can marvel at this amazing place, at the same time that you share these adventures with a stunning lady at your disposal.

Perhaps you would like to spend a whole night full of pleasure in the Hotel Suites 1478, located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with a modern and tasteful architecture at sight; and an incredible design where romance and desire reign. Accompanied of course by the lady of your choice, the one who will make your world vibrate with her elegance, sensuality and first class education. You will be able to experience directly what this magnificent 5-star hotel conveys. You will be able to enjoy the nights that you have a wonderful dinner in the light of the stars, next to a woman’s star like the one that only Xarenis can offer you. Let yourself feel the passion, let yourself be filled with desire, let your companion specialized in enjoyment make you experience unique and incomparable moments.

You could also afford to taste an incredible Spanish meal with the exquisite and characteristic taste that you can only find in Bevi Restaurant. Specialized in traditional, Mediterranean and contemporary meals. Delighting your palate would be one of the countless pleasures you would enjoy with your magnificent companion. Dedicate importance and time to your tastes, your enjoyment and your satisfaction. Put your trust in us and we assure you that you will want to keep in touch whenever you travel to Gran Canaria. The delight is in your hands. Contact us.

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