In recent years, a great variety of liberal currents have been seen in Spain that have brought with them liberal couples. Liberal couples in Spain are also called swingers, which are based on sexual practices with more freedom than traditional couples. Currently, there are practices that seek higher freedom on a sexual level, which allows the maximum enjoyment of this experience.

Where does the term Swinger come from?

It is a word of English origin, it refers to couples who have non-monogamous sexual practices. This expression is the equivalent of “liberal couple” in Spanish. It also refers to the implementation of sexual freedom in a couple in a responsible and organized manner.

What is a liberal couple?

They are those people, called swingers, who belonging to a stable relationship, have consensual sexual relationships with other people . In other words, they are people who, even when in a stable relationship, allow each member to have sexual relationships with other members of other couples.

Origin of liberal couples.

There are some doubts about the origin of this practice. However, there are hypotheses that suggest that its beginning originated between the 40’s and 70’s in the United States. It is said that its origin could be traced back to the military groups that used to visit the bars. At that time, they called it “wife exchange”.

These soldiers carried out activities in which they made their wives available to another participant. One of the most famous practices was based on placing each of the keys to their rooms (where their women were) in a hat, and each one chose a key at random, thus exchanging the owner and, therefore, the handcuffs .

Of course, this practice was based on the submission of the woman and, also, on an imposed submission. Over time it was modified, achieving, without submission or imposition, an agreement between both parties of a relationship where it is allowed to have sexual relations with members outside the relationship.

Is the practice of liberal couples the same as the exchange of couples?

There are many ways of living and practicing the Swinger concept, dating can be an option but not an obligation in this lifestyle. Therefore, it is not correct to confuse the two terms.

Highlights of the lifestyle of liberal couples

  • These are people who form a stable relationship and allow themselves to have sex with other members of other relationships
  • The acts performed are fully agreed between each of the couples, therefore, their limitations may vary.
  • The acts are always performed in the presence of both members of the couple, that is, there is always the participation of both members either passively or actively.
  • The sexual activities carried out are not considered deceit, since there is the joint approval of each of the members of the relationships involved.
  • If it is decided to carry out the couple exchange, the decision must be agreed by each of the members without there being anything imposed on each other.
  • There is a loving, non-sexual exclusivity.

Basic rules for the lifestyle of liberal couples.

As we mentioned earlier, each couple stipulates their limits and norms within their liberal relationship. However, this practice can be very complex and tends to be very confusing to participants. Thus, it is necessary to establish certain basic rules that define the acts in order to avoid conflicts between couples.

Fair agreement without pressure

To do this practice, couples must have good communication. This lifestyle is a decision that must be agreed by both parties in the relationship. It is important to note that it is completely valid that there is a rejection of this situation and it must be respected. No situation should be imposed under any circumstances.

Sexual safety

Liberal practices must be carried out in a safe and organized manner. Having sex with people without protection can bring diseases and infections, it is necessary to use the appropriate preventive measures to avoid the risk of contagion.

No emotions involved

Swingers do not consider the sexual act as deception as long as there are no emotions involved. This is one of the premises that allows this practice not to be negative for a relationship, since there is an exclusively sexual exchange. No tender words, gifts, details, etc. There are even couples who do not allow kisses on the mouth as this gives a romantic connotation.

It should not be the only sexual relationship

Swingers understand the human being’s need to satisfy his desires for another person, but they continue to maintain active sexuality in their relationship. It is important that sex not only comes from exchange, but also from a stable relationship.

Consolidated and stable couples

In order to carry out this practice without negative repercussions, it is necessary for there to be a good stable and consolidated relationship. Couples should be monogamous on a romantic and emotional level.

Possible risks that liberal couples take.

Maintaining a stable liberal relationship without any inconvenience requires a lot of maturity on the part of each of the members of the relationship. If the rules established and agreed between the couple are not followed, the relationship may be at risk. These are some of the risks that can occur between liberal couples.

Breaking off

The couple can break up if there are negative feelings regarding any involvement with another member, that is, if a member of the couple thinks that another person gives something to his partner that he cannot or will not be able to give, there is a risk of breakdown.

Emotional involvement

As clear as the rules are, when there is chemistry, there is nothing to do. The risk of emotional involvement varies depending on the personality of each person and how clear they are about the only objective pursued with this practice: sexual satisfaction.


It is common for many couples to feel able to carry out these practices, and once the action begins, they become insecure and jealousy arises. It is important to know each of the personalities and above all to be very honest when agreeing to this type of practice in the relationship.

Other risks

The risk that only part of the relationship is encouraged to actively practice the exchange and the other part is not. This results in the part that does not want to feel bad and insecure, especially if the practice is active and habitual. For this reason, communication between couples is very important when agreeing on the agreement.

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